Saturday, April 25, 2009

Colour Me Beautiful

I spoke with a Colour Me Beautiful Consultant last week who indicated that she is avaliable (if there is interest) in coming to the retreat and 'doing our colours' professionally.

They have the catch phrase - "We take the guesswork out of looking great".

Email me for details if you are interested in this option at some stage over the weekend and I can give you the cost information etc.

The colours session involves finding the colours that make you stand out - not the clothes you wear - you.

The consultants are trained to international standards and provide a premium imaging service and seasonalised makeup advice.

Thanks to those who have their registration info and deposits to me already!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Registration Form

You can download, print and get your registration to me by clicking on this link: Registration Form.


Monday, April 13, 2009

and we have Thursday!

We can now start our creative weekend from Thursday evening, this is based on a minimum of 5 people selecting the Thursday start option.
Registration forms are currently under development.
Thursday 3:30pm (get your own dinner) - Sunday 3pm $125
Friday 2pm - Sunday 3pm - $100

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A Room with a View

Lakeland Park, where we will be staying and creating is on the Kelvin Heights peninsula and has views of the Remarkables and Ben Lomond, if you get tired of creating with paper or pixels you can take your camera and legs off for a work out along the lakeside track just minutes away.

The above is just part of the view out the dining hall and creative room.

and wandering around camp you might see this....

and this....
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just in case you want to fly in.....

Air New Zealand - has fog things to help them fly into Queenstown should the weather be iffy....nicer than a detour via Invercargill.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

the opening party

no, not for our retreat...but we could pretend it is....anyway we will be here for the opening party, was fantastic last year with hot chilli chocolates warming our insides and visual treats of fireworks for our eyes....

Friday nights dinner will be a get it yourself deal (whether staying from Thursday or from Friday)....last year the options were delicious at the opening party!

Oh, and when I said my husband would do the cooking...he's a chef, currently managing a winery (except he has a broken leg so not doing much for a couple more weeks)...who has City & Guilds Medal For Excellence - only 80 of these medals worldwide when he was awarded well qualified to provide us with some fantastic eats.

P.S. Chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have City & Guilds qualifications :-)

First Post

I had such a fantastic time attending Scrap Camp Dunedin run by the fantabulous duo of Carol and Naomi (and even got to sit beside Naomi :-0) that I 'm keen to get together...and the opening of Winter Fest in Queenstown at the end of June makes for a double reason to get together with friends and be creative up here :-)

Currently looking at nights of June 26th and 27th 2009 and if there is enough interest can see if there is a possibility of an extra night on June 25th also....My DH has said he will make some more mashed potatoes by popular request as well as some other food...providing he can walk without crutches in 10 weeks time.... Costs will be about $100 for 2 nights (Friday evening through to Sunday avo) and if we can get a 3rd night will be about $120 (Thursday evening through to Sunday avo)....but will confirm as able. Deposit will be $30 payable by the last business day of May 2009.

We will be staying in the chalets at Lakeland Park.

Leave a comment with your details or send me an email at the following address without all the spaces scrappykea @ xtra . co . nz if you are interested in further information when it's avaliable.