Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Workshops & Day Croppers

'Steeped in Beautea' with Janine will be $25 with some materials supplied.  You will need to pre-purchase some of the ingredients - that way you'll be able to make heaps and get lots of gifts ticked off! 

'Because things don't always stay the same' with Lara will be $10 with some materials supplied.  You will need to pre-purchase the canvas and materials to go on it - as with Janines workshop, this means you can buy more of what you need and get some more gifts sorted over the weekend.

Some of you have indicated that you want to be a part of one or both of the workshops, if you are keen and have not let me know please do so ASAP so both tutors can have a good idea of the numbers they need to prepare for.

Supply Lists will be supplied following payment for both workshops.  Workshop payments will need to be paid by 1st November 2010 at the latest with any final payments for the retreat.

Day croppers...$40 for the day + any workshop costs.  This is only for the Saturday from 9am - 10:30pm.  Please note that there is no dinner supplied on Saturday night - we get to go out....the dinner options are endless!  At Frankton there's Indian, Thai, BK, Subway, Nando's, Pizza and maybe even McDonalds, or you could really escape and head into Queenstown for a wander.

Right, just about organised enough to hand over the reins to Nik who will be doing most of the organising from now until the retreat is done & dusted.  I've started thinking about what I need to get done over the weekend and which gifts I need to do first!

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